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Van Voorhis

Parents, Students, and Staff working together to ensure all students MUST learn, "Whatever It Takes."


Educate, engage, and empower military-connected students to succeed in a dynamic world.


Background Information:

Van Voorhis Elementary School is part of the Kentucky Schools Community which is part of the DoDEA Americas Southeast District.

Our school was built in 1958 and serves students from Pre-Kindergarten through 4th grade. We are dedicated to the success of every child and welcome parents as partners in education.

We are here to help you! Our office is open between 7:30 and 4:00, Monday - Friday. Come on by if you need anything! You can also call us at 502-624-5854 or 502-624-8519.

Our Namesake - Lieutenant General Daniel Van Voorhis

Van Voorhis Elementary School is named in honor of Lieutenant General Daniel Van Voorhis who, in 1930, was appointed to command the Army's new experimental mechanized force, first called the 1st Cavalry Regiment (Mechanized), and later the 7th Cavalry Brigade (Mechanized). The organization he created and the tactics he developed were vital to the Army's transformation into the modern, mobile armor and mechanized infantry force that was successful in World War II. Along with Adna R. Chaffee, Jr. he is recognized as a founder of the Army's Armor branch and responsible for Fort Knox becoming the home of the Mechanized Cavalry.

  • Born: October 24, 1878
  • Died: January 9, 1956 (age 77)
  • Years of Service: 1898 - 1942
  • Commands Held: 16th Cavalry Regiment, 7th Cavalry Brigade (Mechanized), Caribbean Defense Command, V Corps Area
  • Battles/Wars: Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II
  • Awards: Navy Cross, Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Legion of Merit


School Improvement Goals (PDF)

Goal 1 – Professional Learning Communities/Focused Collaboration

School SMART Goals(s):

Van Voorhis Elementary will increase from 60% in SY 19-20 to 63% in SY 20-21 on Stage 5, Indicator D “Develop in class interventions and address gaps based on assessment results” as measured on the Focused Collaboration Observation Tool.


Goal 2 – Mathematics

School SMART Goal(s):

All students in Grades 3 and 4 at Van Voorhis Elementary School will increase their achievement in Math on the CCRS Summative Assessment from 43% “Meets/Exceeds” in SY 17-18 to 49% “Meets/Exceeds” in SY 20-21.


Goal 3 – Literacy

School SMART Goal(s):

  • Students in grades K-4 will achieve 60% proficiency on the Reading Proficiency Test in SY 20-21.
  • Students in grades 3-4 will achieve 50% scoring in Meets or Exceeds in Literacy on the CCRS Summative in SY 20-21


Goal 4 – Communication & Engagement

School SMART Goal(s):

  • Faculty/Staff: Van Voorhis Faculty and Staff will increase from 54% on Q4: How much opportunity does your school’s leadership give you to provide input or feedback? of the Van Voorhis Faculty/Staff Communication & Engagement Feedback Form in SY 20-21 to 60% in SY 21-22.
  • Parent: Van Voorhis will increase from 49% on Q2: How well does the school inform you about your child’s academic achievement or progress? of the Van Voorhis Parent Communication & Engagement Feedback Form in SY 20-21 to 53% in SY 21-22

Chain of Command

Ms. Laura Gibson, DoDEA employees official photo.

Ms. Laura Gibson

120 Folger Street Bldg 5550
Fort Knox, KY 40121-6000
United States

Enrollment: 285
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